Vitall Base Model


Vitall Base Model


Vitall will start shipping devices June 31st, 2014. You can pre-order now and charges won't be made until we send you a shipping notification. If you place your pre-order now you can receive 25% off using the code: preorder25


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Product description:

o   Smart Phone with hands-free speaker

o   Emergency 911 one-button dialing with GPS locator

o   One-button multi-number auto redial

o   In-bound monitoring call “Are you ok?”

o   Pedometer

o   Caloric Burn Rate

o   Activity Patterns

o   Heart Rate

o   Body Temperature

o   Blood Pressure

o   Medication Reminders

o   Medication Adherence Confirmation

o   Data automatically transmitted to web portal at pre-programmed intervals via GPRS

o   Real time bi-directional data communication (encrypted)


Product Specifications:

o   Weight: 25g

o   Width, length and thickness: 44.5mm/53mm/16mm

o   1.6” in glass capacitive touchscreen

o   Display resolution: 240x240, Backlight-type

o   Bluetooth core version: 3.0 (MT6250)

o   Bluetooth operating range: 5-8m

o   Battery power usage (light & heavy): 40-60hrs

o   Processor type: ARM7-EJ 260MHz

o   Memory: Embedded 64Mb pseudo-SRAM

o   2G radio chipset:  Build in for MT6250, GSM/GPRS