Wearable Device Automatically Sends Real-Time Alerts to Caregivers

            FREDERICK, MD – Vitall Inc., a leading provider of senior care technologies and wearable health monitoring solutions, today announced it has received a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its innovative fall-detection technology that will significantly reduce false alarms and has capabilities to send real-time alerts to caregivers via an instant live voice connection.

            "This is a substantial step forward in addressing a serious issue for patients as well as elderly residents who live at home and in assisted living facilities," said Jack Zhang, President and CEO of the fast-growing health technology solution company. 

            Vitall Inc. has incorporated highly complex patented algorithms into its Vitall wireless biometric devices worn on the wrist.  "Our invention can detect accidental or unwitnessed falls with a much higher degree of certainty than others on the market today," added Zhang.

            The Vitall wireless phone “watch” connects caregivers with their family members, patients and residents with a platform that includes wearable sensors, wireless connectivity, reporting tools, personal service and more. Caregivers receive real-time, accurate transmissions of health data directly to their dashboards.

            Vitall Inc. health monitoring solutions support a wide range of organizations that serve seniors or other at-risk populations, including home care, assisted living, skilled nursing, independent living and continuing care retirement communities.