Who It’s For

Is Vitall Inc. Right for You?

Vitall Inc. serves hospitals, healthcare practices and the emergency alert industry. Important health data is quickly and cost-effectively reported, so you can take proactive actions to improve outcomes and reduce costs. This is why Vitall Inc. is the technology solutins and smart patient-monitoring system to watch.

Vitall Inc. for Hospitals and Healthcare Practices 

Vitall monitors post-acute and chronic condition homecare patients so you get actionable information on patient adoption and adherence. Here are just some of the ways Vitall could be essential for your hospital or practice:

  • Allows you to monitor a patient's disorder so doctors can intervene earlier and avoid complications.

  • Reminds patients to take medications and confirm that they do.

  • Allows patients and families to keep tabs on health immediately after a procedure, or as part of a health-maintenance program.

  • Save nurses' time because they can check on patients without making a call to technicians at central station monitors. 


Vitall for Emergency Alert 

Vitall is an essential personal emergency reporting system (PERS). This advanced medical alert system with health monitoring sensors generates a complete picture of each patient’s health. These can easily be monitored remotely by medical personnel, caretakers and families. Features include:

  • Accelerometer

  • Altimeter

  • GPS Locator

  • Inactivity Monitoring

  • Emergency Communication Cell Phone

  • Medication Adherence

  • Pulse and Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Thermometer

  • Pedometer

  • Digital Scale

  • Blood Glucose Sensor

See the full Vitall health monitoring features list 

The Vitall medical alert monitoring system provides critical benefits:

  • Give your residents peace of mind

  • Provide a complete picture of a loved one’s status

  • Maximize your staff resources and reduce costs

  • Improve emergency response times

  • Demonstrate your proactive commitment to optimal patient and resident care

  • Improve patient outcomes

  • Comply with federal healthcare initiatives

  • Manage risks

  • Increase profitability


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