Watch This

It’s simple. Your patients wear the Vitall wireless phone “watch” on their wrist. The Vitall biometric platform connects you with your patients through wearable sensors, wireless connectivity, reporting tools, personal service and more. You receive real-time, accurate transmission of health data on each patient, directly to your dashboards.

As easy as wearing a watch
Vitall combines medical monitoring equipment with the portability and connectivity of the cellular devices we use every day. It’s as easy for your patients as wearing a wristwatch, and can be worn during all of their daily activities.

Watch All that Vitall can do

Data Collection
Vitall gathers data from built-in sensors and bluetooth paired sensors. Data is encrypted and transmitted via cellular GSM network to our server. Vitall’s server infrastructure and platform software deliver critical data to healthcare providers, so you can make the best decisions for your patients.


A Quick look inside Vitall

Digital Touch Screen—intuitive, easy-to-use smartphone interface. Includes pre-programmed phone numbers and emergency calling features. Vitall rotates through emergency contacts repeatedly until a connection is established.

Hands-Free Speaker and Microphone

Omni-directional speaker allows for easy communication. Wide-band speaker is suitable for even hard-of-hearing patients. Bluetooth earpieces are supported for this wireless phone “watch.”

 Mobile Health Monitoring Sensors easily generate a complete picture of your patient’s health:

  • Accelerometer

  • Altimeter

  • Pulse and Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Thermometer

  • Pedometer

  • Digital Scale

  • Blood Glucose Sensor

GPS Location — Notify emergency services with patient’s exact location.

GSM Cellular Transmitter — Vitall works on GSM cellular network.


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